Pacific Northwest DX Convention

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2017 Featured Speakers

Tom, K5RC

Tom Taormina, K5RC, an ARRL® Life Member, has been involved in HF and VHF contesting for more than 57 years. He is a former NCJ editor, a member of the CQ Contest Hall of Fame, and is on top of the DXCC Honor Roll with 373 entities confirmed. The Comstock Memorial Station, W7RN, is a not for profit organization chartered to advance the state of the art in radiosport. Since 2007, the station has made more than 250,000 contest QSO’s, and holds a number of records on CW, SSB and RTTY. The Station also made another 30,000 QSO’s as W1AW/7 NV in the ARRL Centennial Celebration. Tom was first licensed as WV2GGB in 1959 and has been an avid contester, DXer and experimenter ever since. He apprenticed at W1BU and was part of the early EME experiments. After moving to Texas in 1964, he and K5LZO teamed-up for many years in multiop SS and DX Contesting. He is past president of The Texas DX Society, co-founder of the Great Armadillo Runs, co-founder of 7QP, Chair of the 1983 ARRL National Convention and co-founder of the North American QSO Parties. He is former editor of the West Gulf DX Bulletin and the National Contest Journal. Tom is currently EC of Storey County (NV) ARES. He and his wife Midge, K7AFO, have lived in Virginia City, NV, for 20 years. Tom is a management consultant and has authored 12 books on business processes, leadership, risk and organizational excellence. His newest book is It WAS Rocket Science and chronicles his 14 years at Mission Control in Houston during Projects Gemini and Apollo.

Ed, W0YK

Ed Muns, W0YK, began DXing when he upgraded from Novice (WN6AYK) to General (WB6AYK) at age 16. His first DX contact was JA1XS, a 22-year old electrical engineer at Sony. Mako immediately sent a direct QSL card, thrilling Ed to no end and cementing a lifelong friendship. This also marked the beginning of a lifelong enthusiasm for DXing. He worked 40m CW into Asiaand Oceania in the early morning before school.After a short hiatus from ham radio while completing college and commencing his early engineering career at Hewlett-Packard Co., Ed’s license had expired. So, in 1976 he setup up the HBR-16 receiver he had constructed as a teenager from the QST receiver article series and listened to W1AW code practice bulletins for a couple weeks. Arriving at the FCC office in Denver, CO at 9am with 30 other applicants, he took the Novice tests, Technician, General, Advanced and Extra all in succession. By 2pm that afternoon he was the only one left in the FCCoffice, but had successfully passed all the license exams and was given WB0WNU as his new Extra Class license. A year later he took advantage of the first incentive licensing call sign selection and received W0YK which he has held ever since.In the mid-70s, Ed discovered that a lot of DX showed up for weekend contests, especially the CQ and ARRL contests. The contest bug bit and he joined the K0RF multi-multi to learn the intricacies of contesting. To this day, DXing and contesting are a key part of Ed’s life. He has operated as YK0A, 6Y4A, HC8N, 7J1ACJ and P49X. The latter call sign is his Permanent Visitor Call Sign in Aruba where he has operated 3-4 major contests annually since 2005.Outside of the weekend contests in Aruba, Ed operates all 10 HF bands on CW, SSB, RTTY and JT65/9 for DX chasers around the world. Over 170,000 QSOs are on Club Log and LotW, generally uploaded several times daily during his operations.In 2004 the ARRL offered a Club Competition gavel for the first time in the ARRL RTTY Round-Up. RTTY enthusiasts rallied other members of Ed’s local club, NCCC (Northern California Contest Club) to win the this first Round-Up club competition. Ed reluctantly learned how to setup RTTY and operated for the benefit of the club. Despite his initial distaste for the idea of RTTY contesting, he actually enjoyed himself and won the SOHP Pacific Division plaque. That experience hooked him on his third mode for DXing and contesting which he continues to enjoy today.With advent of Club Log’s Leaderboard feature, Ed’s contesting instincts often causes him to pursue the “greenies”. In January of this year Ben K7ADD activated E51AMF on Manihiki in the North Cooks. Ed was working his way up the Leaderboard when one day he noted that Ben’s update contained some JT65 band-mode greenies that he wasn’t participating in. That incented him to learn the JT modes and opened yet another dimension to his DXing. (Hint: The “reach” on 160m is greatly extended using the JT65 or JT9 mode!)With his P49X call sign, Ed holds the world SOHP record in ARRL RTTY Round-Up, having broken the record eight times, and the world SOHP record in CQ WPX RTTY, having broken that record seven times and set a world SOHP record in the 2010 CQ WW RTTY. Ed is the contest manager for the NCJ NA RTTY Sprint and the contest director for the two CQ RTTY contests, CQWW RTTY and CQ WPX RTTY. He and Don, AA5AU, sponsor the Ten-Meter RTTY Contest which they initiated in December 2011 with nearly 700 logs submitted. He was inducted into the CQ Contest Hall of Fame in May 2014. This is his tenth year at CTU delivering the two RTTY presentations and Q&A.



2017 Program Schedule

Friday - Aug 4****************************************
1400-1830Hotel LobbyRegistration and Prize Ticket Sales
1500-1800Hospitality SuiteDXCC Card Checking
1900-2400Hospitality SuiteHospitality Reception
Saturday - Aug 5****************************************
0730-1630Hotel LobbyRegistration and Prize Ticket Sales
0800-0810Riverfront A&BWelcome
0810-0850Riverfront A&BRick Roderick, K5UR, "The DXCC Program"
0900-0950Riverfront A&BJay Townsend, WS7I, “Remote RTTY Contesting
from W4AAW”
1000-1050Riverfront A&BDick Frey, K4XU, 7QP Contest
1100-1150Riverfront A&BGeoff Howard, W0GC, "Postcards from PJ2T"
1150-1320Nearby restaurantsLunch on your own
1330-1420Riverfront A&BDan Ransom, K7MM, “QRP Dxing and
1430-1520Riverfront A&BCarl Luetzelschwab, K9LA, “How to Overcome
the Anticipated Low Solar Minimum”
1530-1620Riverfront A&BAl Rovner, K7AR, "One Man Expedition to Austral Islands"
1620-1800Time break
1800-1900Riverfront A&BHappy Hour- Cocktails and Drinks
No Host Bar
1900-2130Riverfront A&BDinner Banquet
Guest Speaker: Tom Taormina, K5RC
Topic: "Honey, I Want One Like This: The Journey from Hobby to Obsession"
2200-2400Hospitality SuiteHospitality Reception
Sunday - Aug 6****************************************
0800-0900Riverfront A&BBreakfast Buffet
0900-1000Riverfront A&B
Guest Speaker: Ed Muns, W0YK and P49X
Topic: "P49X DXing from the Southern Caribbean"
1000-1030Riverfront A&BRaffle Prize Drawing
PNW Trophy Presentation
62nd Annual PNW DX Convention
August 4 - 6, 2017
Spokane, WA