Pacific Northwest DX Convention

2021 Convention Schedule

Saturday August 7, 2021 – All times shown are Pacific Time

Times and Presentations are subject to change

9:00 AMWelcome from Chairman
9:05 AMCarl Luetzelschwab, K9LA - Cycle 25: A New Hope. Carl will discuss the predictions for and the progress of Solar Cycle 25, including what to expect in terms of propagation throughout the remainder of 2021 and in the next couple years as Cycle 25 ascends. He will then briefly review websites with space weather data and how to tie the important parameters to HF propagation conditions. Finally, he will highlight real-time propagation websites that allow us to assess what’s happening right now.
10:00 AMAl Rovner, K7AR - The Raspberry Pi and Arduino for Dummies. Al will present an introduction to the Pi and Arduino and how you can use them in your shack. Demonstrations include using a Pi as a WSJT terminal, a remote antenna switch, and a controller for hotspots.
11:00 AMFirst Prize Drawing
11:15 AM to 11:45 PMFree Time / Lunch / Open Chat
11:45 AMScott Wright, K0MD - Ham Radio operating from China – my time with the B1Z contest group - Scott enjoyed operating CQ WPX CW with the Radio Club of Beijing B1Z during the 2007 CW WPX contest. He was their guest. He will describe the experience, the propagation and show photos of their mountaintop contest station.
12:45 PMSecond Prize Drawing
1:00 PMRandy Foltz, K7TQ - N1MM+ Setup From Beginner to Intermediate. Randy will demonstrate a minimal N1MM+ setup for either a CW or a SSB contest, an Entry, a Log, and a Check window. Macro definitions for CW including what to include and what not to include plus a discussion of how to use Enter Sends Message will complete the Beginner phase. The Intermediate phase will include a discussion of additional useful windows such as Bandmap, Available Mults, Telnet, and a few others. With the addition of keyboard shortcuts to send CW that is not in a macro, to re-send the last function key, and CW speed up/down, the participants will be able to utilize many of the features of N1MM+ that make it the most popular contest logging program. Finally, Randy will demonstrate how to create INI files for different radios or for different contest modes.
2:00 PMMike Ritz, W7VO - ARRL Contest Forum - Mike with members of the Contest Advisory Committee will discuss contest related developments and answer questions
3:00 PMThird Prize Drawing
3:15 PMVince Van Der Hyde, K7VV - How to Work DX: The First One Hundred - This talk is aimed at the novice DX'er. Using W9KNI's famous book as a guide we'll review some 'best practices' , guidelines, standards and hints about how to work the first 100 to get your DXCC.
4:15 PMOpen Slot
5:15 PMWrapup - Introduction of next year's convention

66th Annual PNW DX Convention
August 7, 2021
Virtual via Zoom