Pacific Northwest DX Convention

Convention Prizes

A convention such as this would not be possible without the generous donations of prizes from so many supporters.

The PNW DX Convention host clubs throughout the Pacific Northwest expresses our heartfelt thanks to all the vendors and individuals who contribute to the convention each year!

The following prizes were provided for the 2022 PNW DX Convention in Spokane, WA. Thanks to those who made this possible.

Note: Click the respective logos and pictures below to go to the vendors web site.

Our club is extremely fortunate to have some of the most generous members and supporters imaginable. This awesome SOTA package was provided by an anonymous donor! It consists of a Icom IC-705 Transceiver, AH-705 tuner, and LC-192 backpack. Valued at approximately $1900.00, this is definitely one prize package to be excited about.

Many of us here in the Pacific Northwest have SteppIR antenna systems not only because of their performance, but also because they are a local company who has supported the PNWDXC for many years. The Spokane DX Association is donating this nice SDA-2000 OptimizIR controller as a raffle prize. I would love to have this in my shack so don’t be surprised if your webmaster buys a lot of tickets for this one 🙂

SteppIR has been a major supporter of the Pacific Northwest DX conventions almost since the creation of the company. They make some of the best Amateur Radio antennas on the market. Having made the Honor Roll on my 3-element with 40M trombone, I can vouch for it 🙂 This year they are donating a $500 gift certificate. That will certainly help in buying that new antenna or controller!

Your Webmaster (John, K7KB) decided it would be good to donate this new LDG-1000 ProII Autotuner for those DX’ers who might be antenna limited. If you can get a wire strung up in the back yard, this should help with tuning it across the bands to help work that DX.

I don’t think there are many hams in this country who doesn’t have at least one piece of MFJ gear in their shack. We are so fortunate to have them support the Amateur Radio community! They have kindly donated this MFJ-1025 Noise Canceling unit as one of our prizes. These can be very effective in canceling certain types of noise, especially if you have external antennas for receive.

Staffed by DX’ers, for DX’ers. I’ve been a big fan of DX Engineering for a long time and I think most every DX’er loves looking at what they have to offer. They gave us a nice discount so we could offer this RigExpert AA-55 Zoom Analyzer plus two $100 gift certificates! I have the AA-55 analyzer in my shack and it’s a great, easy to use analyzer.

Although mainly created to help streamers with their productions, the Elgato Stream Deck is becoming used more and more in contester situations for complex station control. A push of a button can be programmed to switch to a certain antenna, turn the beam, select a rig, run other software, the possibilities are almost endless. Donated by the SDXA.

Schweitzer is donating this fantastic SEL-2488 clock for the ultimate in station time keeping. This device synchronizes it’s time with the GPS satellite system and can be used for precise NTP time for your entire station. Your WSJT will never miss a call with this technology!

TigerTronics, a well known company based in Grants Pass, Oregon is donating one of their SignaLink™ Soundcard interfaces to the convention. This interface works with virtually all radios and makes it a snap to enjoy the digital modes.

We are very happy to be an ARRL sanctioned event, and they are supporting us with three $50 coupons for door prizes! These can be used on the ARRL store for publications or other merchandise. Also we have more books and items coming from our Vice Director and I will be listing those if we get more information before convention day.

A show of hands of how many people who reads this has worked the contest Superstation PJ2T? I bet almost everyone licensed has worked them at least once, many of us on multiple bands. Mike Dinkelman (N7WA) is donating two rare PJ2T 20th Anniversary drinking glasses as door prizes. What a great way to use something like this in the Hospitality room! 🙂

EasyWayHamBooks is donating a wide variety of Amateur Radio study guides and operating manuals for door prizes, including:

* 3 books for passing your Technician, General, and Extra exams
* How to Get On HF
* How to Chase, Work & Confirm DX
* Prepper Communications

QSL Concept has a good chance to make the perfect QSL card for you. Using thousands of stock photos, or even your own custom QSL card if you so desire. When looking through illustrations of some of their card designs, I noticed quite a few familiar callsigns! QSL Concept is donating a set of cards for door prizes, and will be one of our vendors!

Scott Davis and his family, who has been producing Amateur Radio logging software for quite some time, is donating a N3FJP logging Software License.

Ward Silver, N0AX – Ward is donating two individual books, Ham Radio for Dummies, 4th Edition (Autographed) and Grounding and Bonding, 2nd Edition (Autographed). Plus he is also donating a complete set of Hands-On Radio, Volumes 1-3 (Autographed).

Bob Allphin, K4UEE has some great DX’pedition videos to rare locations like Navassa Island (K1N), Amsterdam Island (FT5ZM), Malpelo (HK0NA), and many others. If you can’t go on a DX’pedition yourself, this is as close as you can get without being there. Bob is offering a set of 5 DX’pedition videos of your choice.

Bernie first started the Daily DX in 1997 and it’s a major resource of information for the DX’er. Not only is Bernie donating a subscription to the Daily DX, but we are very excited to have him at our convention as one of our speakers!

Published six times per year, The National Contest Journal has been the mainstay for the contesting community. The ARRL is donating two subscriptions for the convention.

Heil has been making headsets for Amateur Radio use for almost as long as I can remember. They have donated a FS-2 Foot Switch, Heil Sound T-shirts, Canvas bags, and other miscellaneous items.

We have some very generous members who donate prizes to the convention also. One such individual, Rick Flynn (K7PHM) is donating two books. The “2022 ARRL Handbook (Softcover)” and “Amateur Radio Contesting For Beginners”. I think you will agree they are books many of us should have on our shelf.

Another club member, Chuck Williams (KI7DG) and his wife Carol are donating six books, two “over the shoulder” bags, and a quilt. The books are two each of the following: “Wire antenna Classics”, “Hints & Kinks”, and “Antenna Compendium”. I’m sure the YL’s will love the bags or quilt even if one of the OM’s wins it 🙂 Thanks to the both of you for the donation.

68th Annual
PNW DX Convention
August 11, 2023 -
August 13. 2023
Inn at the Quay
New Westminster, BC

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