Pacific Northwest DX Convention


The 2019 PNW DX Convention promises to be the best yet.  Who’s speaking?  <These are subject to change, of course>

Here’s the plan for the weekend — hope you can join us!

Friday - Aug 9
1400-1700Hotel LobbyRegistration and Prize Ticket Sales
1700-2000Hospitality SuiteDXCC and WAZ Card CheckingPlease note that WAZ, WAS, and DXCC card checking will be available in the 1st floor Hospitality Suite, thanks to CQ-certified card checkers Rusty W6OAT and Rod W7OM and ARRL-certified card checkers Al K7AR, Mark KB7HDX, John N7AME, and Dick K7BTW.  Review Al's handy guidelines for card checking. Special arrangements can be made for Saturday card checking.
2100-2400Hospitality SuiteHospitality Reception
Saturday - Aug 10
0730-1630Hotel LobbyRegistration and Prize Ticket SalesQSL Card Checkers will be available to collect your cards and applications in the Hospitality Suite between 0730-0800 and return them to you during the day.

Welcoming Address

Rob is President of the Western Washington DX Club. He graduated from both U of WA and Washington State University with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Material Science. Worked at Intel Corp manufacturing computer chips, transitioning into software development. Retired in 2014 after a successful career at Applied Microsystems, Microsoft, and software consulting. He obtained his novice license (WB7TDU) when 14 years of age, eventually obtaining his Extra license in the mid 90's. His primary passion is combining his love of travel and chasing DX. Retirement has enabled him to also give back to the amateur radio community by also becoming the "DX". His other passions include landscape photography, motorcycle adventure touring, gardening and spending time with family and friends.

Rob is an active DXpeditioner and has been on the air from Montserrat (VP2MQT), Austral Islands (TX5Z and TX5D), Christmas Island (VK9AN), San Andres (5J0X), Sint Maarten (PJ7/N7QT), Saba (PJ6/N7QT), Saint Lucia (J6/N7QT), Willis Island (VK9WA), Mellish Reef (VK9MA), and most recently, Ducie Island (VP6D) and Brunei (V84SAA).
0830-0920Session 1

Rocky Evans, NE7D

"What VIA BURO Really Means"

Rock NE7D

Rock grew up in southern Oregon, was first licensed as a teenager in 1961 (KN7QZF) and was active through college years at Oregon State University. [Insert standard blurb about how life takes over for awhile]

Licensed again in 1991, Rock has been active ever since, but stepped it up after retiring from Intel in 2000 and moving to back to Oregon from Arizona a year later.

Mostly a CW op, Rock focuses primarily on DX and casual contesting. The current station consists of a 500W K3S-Line, a SteppIR DB-18E at 75’ and a shunt-fed tower and Beverages for the low bands.

Having an opportunity to serve on both ends of DXpedition pile-ups has served to improve skills and increase enthusiasm for the hobby. He has been a member of the Willamette Valley DX Club since moving to Oregon.

Rock has been a volunteer for the ARRL 7th Area Incoming QSL Bureau since 2005, managing the Y-Section for ten years and, for the past 3 years, the D-Section (all “7” callsigns with suffixes beginning in “D”). Always a fan of QSLing, Rock enjoys the additional interaction with his clients who obviously also have a fascination with receiving DX QSL cards.
0930-1020Session 2

Eric Swartz, WA6HHQ

"The K4 Next Generation Direct Sampling SDR Transceiver"

Eric is Elecraft’s Chief Operating Officer, co-designer of the K3 and other transceivers, and co-founder of Elecraft in 1998 with Wayne Burdick, N6KR. Licensed 42 years, he credits his early interest in Amateur Radio with leading him to a career in electronic design and management. He has a B.S. in Engineering and Applied Science from Yale University, and has been involved in a number of successful Silicon Valley start-ups. Prior to Elecraft, Eric was co-founder and President of Verisys, a leading test equipment manufacturer of protocol analyzers for the mass storage market.
Wayne and Eric have jointly received the ARRL’s Technical Excellence Award for their Elecraft designs.
1030-1120Session 3

Ken Claerbout, K4ZW

"Challenges of African DXing"

Ken was first licensed in 1977 as WD9DEE while attending high school in Cedar Grove,Wisconsin. He later upgraded to Extra class and obtained the call KE9A. In 1984 he moved to Virginia after accepting a position with the Diplomatic Telecommunications Service in both engineering and management roles, supporting the secure, global network of US embassies and facilities around the world. He later spent six years in the private sector at a global telecommunications provider for Sprint, France Telecom, and Deutsche Telecom. He currently works for the Broadcasting Board of Governors in downtown Washington DC. Ken holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters degree in Telecommunications (Public Policy and Business) from George Mason University. Ken is currently licensed as K4ZW and enjoys contesting and chasing DX on the lowbands, both from his home station and overseas.
1130-1220Session 4

Dr. Joe Taylor, K1JT

"Beyond WSJT-X 2.0"

Joe was born in Philadelphia and raised in nearby NJ. He obtained his amateur radio license as a teenager, which led him to the field of radio astronomy. BA in Physics, Haverford, 1963. Ph.D in Astronomy, Harvard, 1968; thesis work was on lunar occultation measurements. His work in Astrophysics lead to the Nobel Prize in 1993 in the study of gravitational radiation of binary pulsars.

He had previously held the callsigns K2ITP, WA1LXQ, W1HFV, and VK2BJX. His Amateur Radio feats have included mounting an 'expedition' in April 2010 to use the Arecibo Radio Telescope to conduct moonbounce with hams around the world using voice, CW, and digital communications.

His "hobby" with WSJT-X and the FT8 signaling protocol have revolutionized DX for even the most modest ham stations.

1330-1420Session 5

Dr. Tamitha Skov, WX6SWW

"Predicting a Solar Cycle"

Tamitha is a new kind of weather forecaster for our modern world. As we become more reliant on technology like our cell phones, GPS (GNSS), and other satellite services we find we are more susceptible to the effects of Space Weather. Just like terrestrial weather on Earth, Space Weather can be as mild as a rainstorm or as wild as a hurricane.

Let Tamitha show you in non-science jargon how this new kind of weather impacts your daily life. You will never look at the Sun or the Earth in the same way again. After all, Space Weather is just like the weather in your own backyard, it’s just a little further up.

Her current position is as a research scientist at The Aerospace Corporation in Southern California. Her work is primarily in the fields of solar and space physics, but also evaluates materials for use in space radiation environments. She is an instructor at the Aerospace Institute and has served as an audio forensics analyst and instructor for the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC), hosted at Aerospace and funded by the Department of Justice.

Tamitha holds a BS in both Physical Chemistry and in Physics (with honors), UCLA, 1996; MS in Geophysics and Space Plasma Physics, UCLA, 2000. Her Ph.D. is in Geophysics and Space Plasma Physics, UCLA, 2002.

1430-1520Session 6

Mike Mertel, K7IR

"The SteppIR Story"

SteppIR Antennas was founded in May 2001 by Mike Mertel K7IR, his brother John, WA7IR, and Jim Thomas K7IRF. Mike had begun to develop a Yagi antenna that would work on the Amateur Radio WARC bands. Early attempts led to many failures, and the project remained more of a hobby than a business venture. They gave up on the project several times, but eventually finished the design that is used to this day with all SteppIR antennas.

The first SteppIR antennas were demonstrated at the 2001 Hamvention trade show in Dayton, Ohio and garnered a significant amount of attention and they sold thirteen 3-element antennas. The rest – as they say – is history.
1530-1620Session 7

Gene Spinelli, K5GS

"Recipe for a DXpedition"

Gene was first licensed in 1976 as WB5WFD while living in Arlington, Texas; he’s held K5GS since 1996, his previous calls were WD6DLK and KE6LT. He is an avid DXer; his DXCC count is 353 confirmed (mixed) with all current DXCC entities confirmed. His radio interest has always been DXing with occasional diversions into restoring vintage radios and the digital modes. A member of: 2012 ZL9HR Campbell Island, 2014 VK9MT Mellish Reef, 2015 TX3X Chesterfield Island, and 2018 VP6D Ducie Island DXpeditions. Currently in the planning stages for the South Orkney Islands 2020 DX-pedition. He also holds call signs ZL1NA and VK2IXC. Gene and his wife live in Tucson, Arizona.
1630-1720Session 8


This year's ARRL DX Forum is chaired by ARRL NW Division Director Mike Ritz/W7VO and Dick Swanson, K7BTW, our representative on the League's DX Advisory Committee (DXAC). Joining them on the dias will be Pacific Division Director Jim Tiemstra/K6JAT, ARRL 2nd VP Bob Vallio/W6RGG, Fred Laun, K3ZO and Rusty Epps, W6OAT.
1830-1915Happy Hour - No Host Bar
1915-2145Dinner Banquet and Special Guest Speaker

Ward Silver, N0AX

"DXing & Contesting 2.0"

After a number of years as a Director, in 2013 Ward was elected President of the Yasme Foundation. He has been an active amateur since his Novice days began in 1972, operating from numerous locations around the world in contests and as a DXer. After twenty years of developing industrial and medical products, Ward is now the Lead Editor of the ARRL Handbook and the ARRL Antenna Book. Finally, he is the author of all three ARRL License Manuals and Q&A Study Guides, working closely with the ARRL and the NCVEC Question Pool Committee to develop appropriate and useful exam questions. Being entrusted with this set of documents affecting so many amateurs is a pinnacle of his amateur radio experiences. You will also find his byline in the popular Wiley Ham Radio for Dummies – now in its second edition. He has been known to amuse his fellow amateurs by “hamifying” popular songs and performing them publicly with the Spurious Emissions (Out of the) Band. Outside of ham radio, Ward plays the mandolin, dabbles in digital photography, enjoys camping, canoeing, kayaking, bicycling, and various forms of Frisbee athletics.
2150-2400Hospitality SuiteHospitality Reception
Sunday - Aug 11
0730-0900Breakfast Buffet

John Miller, K6MM

"The Lighter Side of Ham Radio: Why We Do What We Do"

John was first licensed as WV2BQJ in 1958 while living in Syracuse, NY. In 1976, John’s career took him to Silicon Valley, where he reconnected with amateur radio in the late 90s. For the last decade, John has focused heavily on DXing, contesting, and recruiting new operators into the hobby. He holds 8-Band DXCC, and is working on completing 160M for the 9th band. His article entitled "The No Excuses 160M Vertical" won the cover plaque award for the June 2009 issue of QST.

John was a DXpedition operator at PJ7E Sint Maarten, K9W Wake Atoll, K1N Navassa Island, K5P Palmyra Atoll, and KH1/KH7Z Baker Island. He was also a pilot and/or webmaster for the NH8S (Swains Island), C82DX (Mozambique), FT4TA (Tromelin), 3G0ZC (Juan Fernandez), and VK0EK (Heard Island) DXpeditions.

John is the current President of the Northern California DX Foundation, a Past-President of the Northern California Contest Club, a past Director of the Northern California DX Club, and a founding member of the CW Operators’ Club. He is also a member of the editorial staff of the National Contest Journal, and has been Co-Chairman of the International DX Convention since 2011.

In addition to his four grandchildren, John's interests include website design, piano composition, and exploring the back roads of the Bay Area on his Harley Davidson motorcycle.
1000-1030Raffle Prize Drawing,
PNW Challenge Cup Presentation, and Closing
66th Annual PNW DX Convention
August 7-9, 2020
Portland, OR